Chakra means “The spinning energy wheel” and it defines our healthy status and the equilibrium between body, mind and spirit.

There are 7 different chakras located throughout the spine, each with its own specific function, acting in a specific body area. Each chakra has its own color, rappresentetation, vibration and its own sound - known as mantra - and several associations with the philosophy of nature.

Chakras are energy that keeps moving around us, driving forces inside us with specific vibrational frequency that increases from the lowest chakra, closer to Earth, to the highest one, close to the mind and the spirit. Getting to know chakras can be helpful to improve balance, health and wellness.
Their functionalities and characteristics are the key point to better understand our emotional and energetic status. As such we can restore our own equilibrium unbalanced by the mental, physical and emotional stress of everyday life.

amitahc created an In&Out kit for a complete well being that can fulfill body, spirit and mental health

chakra collection

amitahc has draws inspiration for the creation of the Chakra Kit: a In&Out kit for ah holistic wellbeing that can fulfill body, spirit and mental health. It's an innovative selection of products for a complete rutine for our In&Out health and beauty.

Ancient knowledge translated into an innovative collection called “Beauty chakra” and ”Healthy chakra”.


A beauty ritual designed for every here and every now.

It's a sensorial journey of colors, fragrances and immersive textures to rediscover balance and armony and to revitalize our beauty.


Is designed to bring balance and armony in every part of the body with a journey in a world of colorful and taisty food supplements.

Innovative nutritional wellness for every here and every now.

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