Circadian rhythm

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Circadian rhythm is related to all the functions of our body, it’s the base of circadian biology. Chronobiology, circadian cycles, alternation of sleep and wakefulness, it’s an innovative scientific approach for many, but not for our body and skin. Respecting the vital phases and the biological rhythm, we can slow down time or at least make sure that a hectic lifestyle does not affect our well-being too negatively.

Circadian rhythm is influenced by the alternation of light and dark, as well as other factors. The brain receives signals based on environment and activates certain hormones, alters body temperature, and regulates metabolism to keep you alert or draw you to sleep. We focused our attention on body’s needs in each single phase of the day, following the chrono-biology concept and applying chrono-nutrition and chrono-cosmetics dictates. It is indeed recommended to intervene in the right time slots with the most suitable cosmetic textures and active principles for the skin and the most suitable food supplements to support each specific body need.

Reason why

The 2017 Nobel prize for Physiology and Medicine was assigned to the three US scientists Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young for the discovery of the molecular mechanisms that control circadian rhythms. The Circadian Rhythm is a physiological regulation system present in mammals, with a period of about 24 hours and connected to the light-dark cycle, aimed at ensuring that cellular functions take place at the right time and are repeated every day. The lack of synchrony between this rhythm and the external environment seems to be a risk factor for our health, exposing us to several consequence.

The growing interest for an holistic approach to well-being perfectly matches with the new trendy discovery of chrono-biology concept. This interesting and fast growing science, is attracting a growing interest from an audience of more aware and prepared consumers, everyday more attentive in learning and understanding the body needs.

We have designed a four steps in&out routine dedicated to each part of the day, as our body undergoes a biological cycle of 24 hours. Discover them all!

Our concept formulas


DAYLIGHT GLOWING STICK: Smooth, creamy highlighter microplastic and silicones free. Moisturizing, glow-enhancing for face, eyes and lips. The smooth, silky texture glides onto skin for a natural-looking glow. This sheer, hydrating balm formula delivers a fresh, dewy effect. Apply alone or over makeup to sculpt and highlight the complexion.

URBAN PROTECTION CREAM: High natural profile cream: moisturizes, corrects, protects and tones. Combining skincare benefits with a coverage makeup effect and a matte finish for a more healthy complexion. The formula helps to correct signs of aging, improve skin’s texture and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Day after day, skin appears healthier with natural-looking radiance and fully protected from harmful UVA/UVB, HEV and Infrared rays.

SUPER LASHES: Shiny transparent gel with sparkling pearlescent bitonal colors to enlight the lashes with sophisticated reflections. Formulated with a volumizing and thickness booster active molecule applied after Mascara is able to build dramatically better-looking lashes


REVITALIZING HAIR SPRAY: A super fresh light conditioning fast absorbing tonic spray lotion to moisturize the hair, strengthening and protecting the scalp from micro-injuries. Inflammation and itching reduction thanks to its soothing effect based on a specific technological development of sodium hyaluronate. The hair will be fully nourished, well combed and surrounded by a delicate and evocative mist of saltiness.

STRESS REDUCTOR: : Soft reinvigorating light Serum, a sweet cuddle for the skin with a delicate enveloping scent to restore all the senses. Able to boost the epidermal regeneration processes and skin wellness, it helps to modulate ageing signs and chronic stress thanks to a strong rejuvenating lenitive effect. Ideal for daily use and strongly recommended for stressed skin.

SILKY KISS: A lipstick that combines longwearing intense colour and a matte finish with hydrating benefits. Glides smoothly, so lips feel comfortable and soft while looking vibrant in a thin veil of colour and full suppled. Ones the formula is dry delivers an ultra-matte finish with intense colour and helps to protect lips from external aggressors. Longwearing colour is supported by the combination of light emollients and texturizers; natural waxes guarantee a perfect play time with the maximum comfort also on dry lips.


MELT DOWN CLEANSING BUTTER: Cleansing Butter with creamy texture. When applied turns into a fluid, rich and satin oil to melt away makeup and all traces of impurities. This buttery pot of goodness is ideal to eliminate even the most tenacious face and eye make-up at the end of the day with a bit of fun.

LIP SCRUB: Gorgeous pink lip scrub in stick to exfoliate and moisturize in one sweep! Based on sensorial esters and refined oils, this stick provides a comfortable playtime for a delicate but effective scrubbing action aimed to gently removes dead cells. Rich in antioxidant and Vitamin- A defends from free radical damage with an intense emollient action. For sure, the best pre-step before the lip stick or…before the perfect kiss.

REGENERATING TONIC: A fresh performing tonic lotion for the prevention of skin microbiota dysbiosis. Improves the skin barrier donating an intense hydration with a surrounding and pleasant refined scent.


LIP SLEEPING MASK: A soft and creamy buttery lip mask, with a delicate and enveloping scent, moisturizes and nourishes the lips during the night regeneration process. Thanks to its high skin adhesion, it is ideal for restoring hydration to optimal value. Strong long-lasting effect to restore the appearance of the lips to their natural firmness with a soft and velvety touch.

MIDNIGHT UPTURN MASK: This ultra-moisturizing night mask wraps the face with a protective layer for a lasting and performing action during the night, providing a radiant complexion on waking up, without leaving a trace on the pillow!

NIGHT REVIVAL HAIR MASK: Enhanced with light esters this biphasic oil gives thickness, body to dull hair, wrapping the hair with an aura of perfume during the night. The formula is enriched with precious oils that give brightness and with a simple application frizz appears controlled.

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