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Ectoin is a powerful molecule, an osmolyte produced by naturally occurring extremophile bacteria in order to protect themselves from exogenous stresses, such as UV rays or the excessive salinity of the environments in which they live.

It is a naturally active and multifunctional substance able to protect biomolecules from environmental stress: sunlight and blue light, temperature, dryness and osmolarity, as well as balancing the cellular microenvironment.


The main activity of Ectoine is to organize molecules of water surrounding it in a structural way.

In fact it is a protective osmolyte for cells that balances the amount of inter and extracellular water.

ECTiveTM MD stabilizes biomolecules via a physical mechanism, called “preferential exclusion” and thereby protecting those from negative influences. According to this theory, the protein's stabilization effects of ectoine are due to their action on the solvent water, leading to a preferential exclusion of the osmolyte from the protein and macromolecules surface, modulating only the distance between molecules of water, without interacting, in order to keep it stable in his native structure.

Using Ectoine in a topical application, it permits to create a real barrier of water protecting tissues making able proteins and biomolecules to restructure in their more stable form.


ECTiveTM MD be used in numerous medical devices, thanks to its physical mechanism of action of "preferential exclusion" which regulates the hydration of the molecules, protecting them from negative aggressions.

Thanks to its physico-chemical characteristics and its high water solubility ECTiveTM MD is ideally suited as osmostress protectant widely used for the treatment of ophthalmic, vaginal, rectal diseases and dermatological conditions (dermatitis, sunburn, psoriasis and dandruff).

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