amitahc for the first time at Simposio AFI!

For the first year Amita health care participated in the last edition of Simposio AFI, which took place in Rimini, Italy, on June 8-10, 2022.
More than 100 companies, including the major pharmaceutical companies joined in the meetings.
We attended the exhibition with our new Pharmaceutical Division.
Products caught the attention of visitors, especially Amieffect AEct, Atophylline, Sodium Hyaluronate and the collection of intermediates.

For 2022, we have developed something new: a section on our website entirely dedicated to e-commerce for the Pharmaceutical Division.

This will give the opportunity to quickly purchase our products: click here to discover.

Discover more:

amita health care has introduced three brilliant partners on its e-commerce:


An Italian company that specializes in research and development services in the field of organic synthesis and analytical chemistry, develops and optimizes processes from the molecule discovery stage to process scale-up and the development of purification methods, including the isolation and characterization of impurities and products formed during the process.


A Japanese company with a well-known history in the development of products obtained through fermentation technology due to its experience in soy sauce production. Through them we offer a highly purified biotechnological grade of hyaluronic acid, obtained directly from microbial fermentation, used mainly for dermal filler and intra-articular applications.


A French company specializing in research and development of new products and services. The company’s core expertise is based on a multidisciplinary technical platform aimed at leveraging in-depth knowledge in active ingredients for both the medical device and dermocosmetic markets.

All these new proposals have attracted great interest.
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