What is Gaming?

Gaming is literally the activity of playing games on computers and other electronic devices. The concept of gaming has evolved a lot in recent years, thanks also to the huge variety of platforms on which it is possible to enjoy videogames easily and directly. We have therefore moved from PC and gaming consoles to a wider choice, within everyone’s reach, mobile and portable gaming.

Some numbers:
174 billion dollars in 2020, about 314 billion dollars in 2026.
2.5 billion gamers now, about 3 billion gamers in 2023.

Reason why

The growth of infrastructures, the improvement of fast internet connections, especially in developing countries, and the growth of streaming services, have led to an exponential growth of users in a few years.
Portability is another key factor that has made it possible to access anywhere with an internet connection to content that until a few years ago would have been just science fiction. Another factor that has allowed an exponential growth in the gaming world, especially in mobile one, is the possibility of enjoying free content, the so-called Free-to-play. This approach certainly allows everyone to enjoy free content, but at the same time leaves the possibility to the individual player to decide himself how much time he would like to spend within the game. The last, but not the least, is the birth and exponential growth of E-Sports.

The analysis

At the dawn of E-sports, the whole category of energy drinks had a great impact, thanks to their high caffeine content, they were able to help and support players in the most intense sessions. Today, the concept of integration has experienced a considerable development, expanding the range of products offered and the associated beneficial activities. Great attention is now paid not only to the energy component, but also to concentration and improvement of reflexes and eyesight, always with an eye to the economic question. Caffeine or simple sugars as sources of energy and concentration have gradually replaced various sources as the use of amino acids such as L-thianine, sometimes associated with lutein and zeazanthin to support sight and reflexes. Vitamins, botanical extracts, fibers and proteins then complete the panorama of the ingredients used.

Our proposal

Amitahc’s proposal follows all these needs, identifying specific supplements according to the type of user and the type of integration they need at the specific time. In particular, we have identified two types of players, each one with its specific needs: on one side there are
Pro gamers, while on the other side there are those defined as Casual gamers (or simply amateurs).

Our formulation kit consists of two different proposals, a complete pro kit and a casual kit which incorporate only the basic needs for performance and recovery. In fact, we have identified three different moments in which a specific integration is required:

Pre gaming: it includes all those supplements that prepare the esports athlete for performance, activating the body and allowing them to be concentrated when required.

During gaming: it includes the right supplement to support the body for prolonged high intensity sessions, thus allowing the athlete to maintain high reflexes and concentration for the entire duration of the match.

Post gaming: one of the most delicate parts for a gamer is rest. Spending many hours in front of a screen, sleep and good rest often suffer, limiting future performance due to lack of clarity of mind. As a consequence, being a fundamental moment, an integration to lowering stress
levels and promoting mental well-being is required.

In association with these three fundamental moments for a gamer, we have also expanded the proposal of formulations which can be taken at any time of the day. On one side a multivitamin to improve the general physical condition, on the other side a collagen-based product to deal with problems deriving from a sedentary lifestyle or from poor physical activity. Our range is completed with a double proposal with two formulations specially designed for him and her.

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Being the gaming world frequented also by very young children, we opted for a for Pre gaming double proposal with and without caffeine, using guarana extract titled in caffeine or ginseng root extract (Panax ginseng). These extracts have been combined with bacopa extract with activity linked to the cognitive system and amino acids such as L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine. During gaming, the specific integration concerns the replenishment of mineral salts and medium/slow release sugars, also combining extracts which improve vision such as blueberry extract titrated in anthocyanidins. For Post gaming, we thought about using extracts such as ashwagandha, to promote mental well-being, milk thistle for its antioxidant and purifying action and calendula as a source of lutein, a carotenoid with beneficial effects on sight.


BUFF (WITH CAFFEINE AND NOT): Food supplement based on botanical extracts and L-theanine designed in association with amiEffect Sialic and L-tyrosine to promote mental balance and improve efficiency, concentration and reaction time.


Perk UP: Food supplement based on botanical extracts and liofilized royal jelly designed in association with minerals and isomaltulose to recharge the player during the game, both physically and mentally.


CoolDown: Food supplement based on botanical extracts designed to promote the general well-being of the organism, supporting vision, microcirculation and liver and gastrointestinal wellbeing. It also helps to reduce stress levels, promoting relaxation.


In our proposal, we have also included two generic supplements to be taken at any time of the day, to improve the general physical condition and cope with problems deriving from a sedentary life or from low physical activity.

In particular, one of the most common problems is joint pain, which can be treated through a supplement based on collagen, vitamin C and botanical extracts such as horsetail and ginger to improve joint functions and promote the trophism of the connective tissue. From sport nutrition, we have identified a formulation based on vitamins and extracts as a multivitamin complex to support all the daily needs of the body and reduce the sense of tiredness and fatigue.


α β γ: Food supplement based on botanical extracts designed in association with B-complex vitamins to support physical and mental well-being throughout the day, thanks also to its antioxidant activity.


E-JOINTS: Food supplement based on hydrolyzed bovine collagen ,Vitamin C, horsetail and ginger extract designed to support the joint function and tendon matrix after long and repetitive movements.


We tried to analyze what could be men and women problems related to a daily and prolonged professional activity. After careful researches, we have defined our proposal with two formulations specifically designed for both sexes.

For men, we have identified a product based on botanical extracts such as horsetail, millet and nettle combined with vitamins to counteract hair loss and improve the well-being of the hair. For women, on the other hand, we have formulated a supplement consisting of three different botanical extracts (pineapple, grape leaves and butcher’s broom) with specific action on microcirculation and able to counteract the heaviness of the legs.

For Him

FOR HIM _SynHairgic effect: Food supplement studied to prevent and contrast hair loss, thanks to the synergic action of the botanical extract mix and zinc and biotin presence, both important to maintain healthy hair.

For Her

Healer FOR HER: Food supplement based on botanical extracts and vitamin C studied to support the functionality of microcirculation, with specific attention to the heaviness of the legs, typical of sedentary activity.


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