Gentleman Collection

For men that don’t have to try too hard


In accordance with our principles, we look ahead to the changes in our society and we have designed a skincare and make-up routine for men.

The Gentlemens’s Care Collection consists of seven formulations especially dedicated to satisfy the needs of men’s skin, divided into a Daily routine for everyday care and Week end warrior formulas, to be used as needed.

Reason why

Do men need a dedicated cosmetics? Yes, because male and female skin is different.

Men’s skin is about 25% thicker than women’s, so it is less fragile and the formation of folds is less rapid, but it digs deeper as wrinkles appear.
In addition, men skin is also subject to folliculitis usually caused by a microbe or fungus, as opposed to women skin.

As regards men depilatory, shaving causes irritation, cuts, burning, bruises, scratches, small lesions that represent as many entrance doors for harmful microorganisms.

Last but not the least, excess sebum is a typical feature and the largest percentage of men suffer from oily skin.

Looking at the numbers, in 2020 there was a +6,4% growthrate in Men Care, the highest of all categories in the cosmetic sector.
Don’t miss this opportunity, discover them all!

Our concept formulas

Daily routine

Decongestive Eye-Contouring

A light serum with an unique refreshing skin feel ideal for under eye bags treatment thanks to a rich synergy of plants extracts.

Great film forming properties with an intense decongestive effect and reduces wrinkles and roughness.

Acqua-touch after shave

Refreshing hydra-gel with fast absorption. Prepares the skin to fight external aggressions guarantees a lenitive and soothing effect.

Helps the skin regeneration processes with anti microbial protection against micro ulceration caused by shaving.

Grooming Beard Balm

Sophisticated and rich beard balm ideal to support skin regeneration.

Soft melting texture to nourish and protect with a light touch and no oily effect, it restores skin elasticity protecting from oxidation damages, for everyday post shaving process.

Light deodorant

Light emul-gel with a pleaseant and delicate scent. Very soft and no sticky deodorant with an intense nourishing and lenitive effect.

Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer allows a deep long lasting hydrating effect.

Week end warrior

2 in 1 Tonic Eye Serum

A double efficacy light serum with a surprising touch and an easy absorption.

Quick lifting effect to reduce the visible aging signs supported by a very powerful soft focus effect.

Every Man Gel Scrub

A light serum with a good and fresh skin feel.

Helps the regularization of the sebum minimizing pore number and dimension to improve structure and comfort of oily skins; the soft scrub particles give a very gentle cleansing effect on the skin.

Balancing BB Cream

Natural BB cream with very light texture and soft skin feel for great comfort.

It’s able to prevent skin microbiota dysbiosis, providing a mattifying effect and ensuring excellent skin adhesion with intense moisturizing action.

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