Happy 25° Anniversary amitahc

It was February 10th, 1997. It was a fairly warm day, the temperature reached about 15°.

It all began 25 years ago with a simple idea: help people live healthier, happier and longer lives. We decided to make this concept our mission, convinced that this dream could become reality.

With these premises born Amitalia.

How to identify the company?

The answer was a Lotus flower. Often seen alongside divine figures in some cultures, the lotus re-blooms every morning, sparklingly clean. This process associates the flower with rebirth and spiritual enlightenment. Inspired by Lotus flower, we tried to start each day united for a common goal: be global in the markets and global in the activity.

The Journey

While in 1999 euro made its debut on the financial markets, we began to participate to international fairs like InCosmetics Paris.

Years go by and we continue to grow quickly. We needed a larger venue and in 2003 we changed our headquarters for the first time, moving to Solaro.

At the beginning, our core business was mainly in Italy, but over the years we enforced our network opening our first branch in Spain, Barcelona, in 2015. These were years of great innovations and progressions, NASA discovers Kepler-452 b, the closest planet to Earth ever seen and announced the presence of water on Mars.

In this era of changes and renewals, on July 7 2017, we evolved our name into amita health care to highlight our global vision. In 2017 we opened our second branch amitahc Polska in Warsaw and right after in 2019 the last branch amitahc UK.

Our Values

Since the beginning, science, progress and wellness have always had a primary role in our daily life and they have shaped our core values, hence our company motto SEE the future: Safety, Ethics and Eco-Sustainability.

Many things have changed since then, today we are called amita health care (amitahc), we grew up, we faced difficulties but also obtained a lot of successes. We have made a journey through healthcare market, living a full experience in lifescience and offering a window into the future. And what a journey!

So here we are, our 25 years. We hope that this can be only a first step, happy birthday to us! Be part of the future, be part of amita health care.

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