The natural wax of vegetable origin

ABWAX® RICE PEARLS is a vegetal origin wax obtained by sustainable and renewable resources, not in competition with the food chain.

This functional ingredient derives from the winterization of the oil extracted from the outer husk of the rice grain: the entire obtaining process is based on the principles of circular economy.

ABWAX® RICE PEARLS is a hard wax with a high melting point and widely versatile in the cosmetic field. It is ideal for the preparation of different types of formulations: from make-up to skin care products where it acts as a thickener and texture agent creating a protective film on the skin. Fit perfectly also in anhydrous products because is able to provide the right structure to the stick, with a dry touch.

Reason why

Brasca is a long-standing company expertise in wax technology, been on the cosmetic market since 1946. Its main goal is preserving and respecting the environment using and proposing only light manufacturing processes and renewable resources.
ABWAX® allows obtaining good formulations with high quality natural waxes.


Easy to use pearl form

High performance in a wide variety of cosmetics and personal-care products

Obtained from food industry by-products

No animal derived raw materials

Avaible in





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