A synergy of 3 plants for a fresh and rested look

Amilook is a 100% natural and vegetable active ingredient obtained thanks to an eco-responsible production process designed to preserve the native characteristics of each single plant unaltered. It is a synergistic complex of horse chestnut seeds, organic red vine leaf and ginkgo leaf in organic glycerin designed for the complete protection of the peri-ocular area and supported by in vivo tests aimed at reducing eye bags and dark circles.

Amilook is a synergy of:


It has recently been discovered that this legendary tree, symbol of longevity, has a specific genetic program that protects it from aging. Rich in flavonoids, ginkgo leaves have antioxidant activities responsible for their protective properties of blood vessels by reducing the permeability of capillaries and strengthening their resistance.

Organic Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut is a traditional medicinal plant whose inedible seed is known for its antiedematous, venoprotective and vasoregulatory properties. As such, they are particularly suitable for reducing dark circles and under-eye puffiness.

Organic Red Vine

Rich in polyphenols, the red vine leaves have venoprotective, angioprotective and hemostatic properties. They improve venous circulation and reduce platelet aggregation.

Reason why

Amilook is the ideal ally for a fresh and rested look!

The appearance of imperfections in the periocular area is often associated with sleep deprivation, stress, hormonal changes, water retention, poor nutrition, vitamin deficiency, excessive consumption of alcohol or smoking. These cause microcirculation disorders which can worsen with age leading to excessive subcutaneous vascularization with congestion of blood vessels. Dark circles are due to hyper-pigmentation of the eyelids often linked to inflammation and dehydration, while the bags under the eyes are often caused by poor blood circulation and slowing of the lymphatic drainage, favored by lying down at night.


Plumping effect

Anti-puffiness effect

Anti-dark circle effect

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