Dry extract for your physical and mental well-being

Bacopa monnieri is a herb which commonly grows in wet areas of India, China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka and in some areas of USA. It is used in the traditional Indian medicine for the treatment of anxiety or to improve intellect and memory. Bacopa monnieri is also traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine as neurological tonic or cognitive enhancer. The pharmacological properties of this herb have been attributed mainly to the presence of bacosides, which can be classified as a class of saponins. Bacopa is also use for its nootropic properties.

Bacopa dry extract titrated 20% bacosides

Reason why

Due to Covid19, during the last years people have accused several problem closely linked to stress and to mental and even physical discomfort. That is why the consumption of product that guarantee well-being at 360° has increased exponentially. Being Bacopa traditionally used for the treatment of anxiety, presents itself as one of the principal ingredient to improve people well-being.


Improves cognitive functions and memory

Promotes sleep

Mental well-being

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