The exclusive evanescent emollient agent

BeauSens® Air is the brand-new ROELMI HPC’s emollient ester ideal for silicones replacement, suitable for all kind of cosmetic formulas.

With its dry touch, high spreadability and quick absorption this functional ingredient is able to enrich any cosmetic formulas, constituting a valid alternative to silicones. In vitro and in vivo studies evaluate BeauSens® Air as non irritant, non sensitizing and non comedogenic.

This functional ingredient can be used in a wide variety of cosmetic products like skin, sun, body and hair care as well as make-up products.


Reason why

BeauSens® Air is a good alternative to silicones for specific applications, resulting perfectly safe and dermo-compatible. Its pleasant smooth skin feel reveals a light film-forming after feel which donates a pleasant velvety skin feel. BeauSens® Air results soluble in all kind of oils from varied origins and represents an unique and innovative high-technology from sunflower richness.


Safe and dermo-compatible

Dry touch, high spreadibility and quick absorption

Alternative to silicones

Ideal for skin,sun,body and hair care as well as make-up y

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