Mild surfactant for skin support

BeauSens® PG4 is the brand new ROELMI HPC’s  sustainable mild surfactant, obtained through a soft industrial process from sunflower seed oil.

As a delicate non-ionic surfactant, this functional ingredient shows a low foaming power characterized by small and compact bubble which gifts a pleasant creamy washing feel to the skin. Thanks to the gentle cleansing activity, it protects skin natural barrier integrity which makes BeauSens® PG4 a perfect target for sensitive and fragile skins assuring a high residual value of hydration.

In vitro and in vivo studies confirm its non irritant and non sensitizing characteristics with boosting properties for hydration and caring for healthy skin barrier conditions.


Reason why

This brand new functional ingredient is perfectly in line with growing market concept of ‘water saving’. Due to its low foaming power, is required a few amount of water to rinse it off the skin. Moreover its low water consumption brings an added value to daily cosmetic routine.


Skin hydration properties

Non comedogenic activity

Pleasant creamy washing activity

Protective skin barrier activity

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