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Biotech is a line of highly purified biotech Sodium Hyaluronate grade with hydrating and film forming properties, obtained directly from microbial fermentation, mainly used for dermal filler and intraarticular applications and Ectoine, a cyclic amino acid derivative produced by different extremophilic microorganisms. This ingredient is able to rebalance the microbiota thanks to its cell-protecting properties, suitable for medical devices.

For the first line, we collaborate with our Japanese partner Kikkoman and we are able to offer purified biotech Sodium Hyaluronate grade with different levels of intrinsic viscosity and endotoxin.

Ectoine, trade name Amieffect AEct, represents a natural protective molecule against diverse harmful environmental influences such as heat, UV light, high osmolarity and dryness. Ectoine is a natural protective ingredient widely used for the treatment of respiratory diseases, allergic and dermatologic conditions.

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