The skin extinguisher

Calmnerv CR is an active ingredient produced by GREAF; it’s extracted from Citrus reticulata (Tangerine), a traditional Chinese herbal medicine used in pain relief.
This active has been designed for sensitive skins: thanks to a patented extraction technology, it is kept the highest content of active components like flavonoids, in order to achieve the best effect. The result is a maximized soothing effect.

In vitro tests show how CALMNERV CR can inhibit the expression, the activation and the downstream signals of TRPV1, a receptor involved in the skin discomfort, like stinging and burning sensation, characteristic of sensitive skins.
On the other hand, tests on volunteers demonstrate the instant soothing of the active and its high tolerance on the skin.

Calmnerv CR is a water soluble ingredient that can be used in lotions, essences, creams and cleansing product.

Reason why

Greaf is a Shanghai-based company considered as one of the global top cosmetic ingredients developer and manufacturer.

Its main goal is to beautifying people through advanced techniques, developing novel active ingredients and supporting superior solutions for any kind of cosmetic products. This makes Greaf a true brand influence as well as a leader in active ingredient industry: integrative, innovative and inspiring values underpin its wide portfolio of ingredient.


Soothing properties

High tolerance on the skin


Designed for sensitive skins

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