Eco-designed microplastics alternative

Celus-Bi® Feel is the brand-new range of high performance texturizers complying with a sustainable future. Available in different granulometries, 5 μm, 10 μm and 20 μm, Celus-bi® Feel is a fine powder with a characteristic odour and colour from white to cream and it’s composed by a synergistically combination of natural derived Zea Mays Starch, Glycerin from olive oil non-edible fractions and biodegradable Polyvinyl Alcohol: Celus-Bi® Feel is a sensorial powder with exceptional performances characterized by sustainable features (readily biodegradable according to OECD Method). Ethical alternative to standard plasticizing powders, it represents the valid and ethical alternative for formulators.

Celus-Bi® Feel

Reason why

Every year, around 2000 Tons of microplastics from personal care products, for example microbeads with an exfoliating function for shower gels and various “rinse-off” cleansing products, are poured into seas together with microplastics having specific technical properties used in face and body creams, sunscreens and make-up, non-rinsing or “leave-on” products. Common microplastics are not biodegradable and once in the environment they could accumulate in animals, including fish and shellfish consequently ending up in our food chain. Cosmetic industry is therefore moving towards the use of natural or biodegradable ingredients that can replace standard microplastics such as Nylon-12, PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate), Polyurethanes etc.

In order to have a common legislation in all Europe and really understand the impact of a restriction of microplastics production and use, ECHA has been commissioned by the European Commission for a safety and impact evaluation of microplastics which are intentionally added to finished products (not only cosmetics, but also other market segments). ECHA proposal is today following the iter to become an effective ban, it is expected to be in its final version by 2022.


CELUS-BI® FEEL is a versatile ingredient suitable for a number of applications:

COLOR COSMETICS: (Smooth feel, Creamy touch, Unique gliding effect)
Celus-bi® Feel is used in color cosmetics showing soft and creamy touch and versatility in use. Thanks to its spheroidal physical structure, it helps compactness and oils absorption with consequent skin matte effect.

SUN CARE: (Dry touch, Film-forming effect, Spreadability)
Celus-bi® Feel demonstrates an excellent compatibility for chemical, physical and natural UV filters. It increases the absorption sensation and limits undesiderable stickiness. Its porous structure allows the incorporation of active ingredients and the reduction of oil exudation, facilitating the formula dry touch.

SKIN CARE: (Sebum control, Soft-focus effect, Unification of complexion)
Celus-bi® Feel is used in skin care formulas for its good reaction in terms of softness and absorption rate. It enhances formula touch improving the film-forming and smoothness effect.

HAIR CARE: (Sebum absorption, Sensory benefits, Silky feel)
Celus-bi® Feel can be used in hair care preparations thanks to its absorbent properties allowing oil control. The velvety effect completes the ingredient profile.

TOILETRIES: (Soft after feel, Pleasant touch, Velvety effect)
Celus-bi® Feel can be incorporated in toiletry formulas thanks to its dual functional capacity to bind perfectly oil-based or water-based ingredients.

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