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How was our comeback to the fairs?

Cosmetorium was the first event in Spain for a long time, highly awaited and with a very good attendance. Many people enjoyed the opportunity to finally meet face to face customers and partners. Unfortunately, not all Spanish companies had the opportunity to participate. Despite this, amitahc had more than 70 visitors, taking the opportunity to meet well-known regular customers, but also meet new ones. The event was very successful and the fair allowed us to show our offer among customers and mark our presence on the Spanish cosmetics market.

This year we came to the exhibition with many new products and innovative formulations. BeauSens® Line coming from Sunflower was featured prominently at Innovatorium zone and also brilliantly presented at Techfocus by Alessandra Adduci, Roelmi HPC product manager of Functional Ingredients.
Equibiotics® LRh was launched as the most innovative active for microbiota balance, and in the formulation area, the new Circadian Rhythm Collection was presented by first time to customers at Cosmetorium 2021, awakening great interest.

All these new proposal were a good starting point for new projects discussion which pleasantly drew guests’ attention.

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Circadian Rhythm Collection – Be inspired by the healthy rhythm of life

Circadian rhythm is related to all the functions of our body, it’s the base of circadian biology. Chronobiology, circadian cycles, alternation of sleep and wakefulness, it’s an innovative scientific approach for many, but not for our body and skin. Respecting the vital phases and the biological rhythm, we can slow down time or at least make sure that a hectic lifestyle does not affect our well-being too negatively.

Circadian rhythm is influenced by the alternation of light and dark, as well as other factors. The brain receives signals based on environment and activates certain hormones, alters body temperature, and regulates metabolism to keep you alert or draw you to sleep. We focused our attention on body’s needs in each single phase of the day, following the chrono-biology concept and applying chrono-nutrition and chrono-cosmetics dictates. It is indeed recommended to intervene in the right time slots with the most suitable cosmetic textures and active principles for the skin and the most suitable food supplements to support each specific body need.

We have designed a four steps in&out routine dedicated to each part of the day, as our body undergoes a biological cycle of 24 hours.

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