How did the exhibition go?

CPHI Frankfurt Worldwide is the most important international event dedicated to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and it finally returned this year with more normalcy and fewer covid 19 problems.

So many different countries were present as exhibitors, and amitahc stood out!

We appreciated the opportunity to finally be face-to-face with our partners and took the opportunity to meet both regular and new customers.
The event was very successful, and the fair allowed us to present our offerings to customers and mark our presence in the pharmaceutical market.

amita health care introduced three brilliant partners to the market:

The first is Kikkoman, a Japanese company with a well-known history in developing products made with fermentation technology thanks to its expertise in soy sauce production. Together we offer a highly purified biotechnological grade of hyaluronic acid, directly obtained from microbial fermentation, mainly used for dermal filler and intra-articular applications.

The second one is Chimete, an Italian company specialized in research and development services in the field of organic synthesis and analytical chemistry. It represents amitahc’s ideal partner for process development and optimization, starting from the molecule discovery phase to process scale-up and development of purification methods.

Finally, by partnering with ROELMI HPC, amitahc distributes ÆCTive® MD, Ectoin obtained by a patented process that optimizes its pharmacological properties. ROELMI HPC’s high-quality functional and active ingredients are developed through a cutting-edge research and development approach in which sustainability, human safety and environmental conservation are top priorities.

All these new proposals attracted great interest from many guests and were a good starting point for new projects.

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