“Biodegradable texturizers and benefits for next-generation formulations”

What is meant by this statement?

Mr. Andrea Maltagliati – Market Manager for Personal Care in ROELMI HPC – told us how, aware of the fact that microplastics are dangerous for the environment, ROELMI HPC developed an ethical alternative to microplastics targeting leave-on cosmetics. Linking innovation and eco-responsibility, CELUS-BI® FEEL represents the performing responsible choice for the next generation cosmetic sensorial agents, having multiple functions in leave-on formulas (texturizing, formula touch & stability, soft focus, carrier of active and fragrances, booster of UV and others) and a readily biodegradable profile.
Being the ethical alternative to standard plasticizing powders (like Nylon, PMMA, Polyurethane and PE), it represents the choice for formulators aiming at minimizing the Impact on Environment.

It deserves Sustainability because it represents the unique of its kind readily biodegradable alternative to Microplastics used in leave-on cosmetics. It perfectly harmonizes the fundamental elements of sustainability towards nature, innovation and economy. In particular, from a social perspective, it is the result of an industrial revolution of modern times: chemical plants have been converted to bio-based processes improving the quality of life of cities by increasing job places and lowering the environmental pollution.


Technological sensorial spheres for sustainable cosmetics. Texturizers with proved performances (unique softness, smoothness & absorption rate) against standard plasticizing powders and peculiar environmental-friendly impact (readily biodegradable according to OECD 301 method). An efficient eco-sustainable solution to formulate, maintain or improve, all the technical cosmetic performances by replacing standard powders like Nylon, PMMA, Polyurethane and PE. This is the ethical choice to avoid marine litter and face legislative restriction on cosmetics.

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