Circadian rhythm, Gaming collection and.. much more!

How was our comeback to the fairs?

For the first year Amita took part in the last edition of WorldFood Poland, which takes place on April 5-7, 2022.

Nearly 250 buyers from Poland took part in the meetings, including such big market players.
We attended the exhibition with our nutraceutical division.
Circadian Rhythm Collection was a good starting point for discussion which pleasantly drew guests’ attention.

For 2022, we have also deleveloped a new kit collection about Gaming.

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Circadian Rhythm Collection – Be inspired by the healthy rhythm of life

Circadian rhythm is related to all the functions of our body, it’s the base of circadian biology. Chronobiology, circadian cycles, alternation of sleep and wakefulness, it’s an innovative scientific approach for many, but not for our body and skin. Respecting the vital phases and the biological rhythm, we can slow down time or at least make sure that a hectic lifestyle does not affect our well-being too negatively.

Circadian rhythm is influenced by the alternation of light and dark, as well as other factors. The brain receives signals based on environment and activates certain hormones, alters body temperature, and regulates metabolism to keep you alert or draw you to sleep. We focused our attention on body’s needs in each single phase of the day, following the chrono-biology concept and applying chrono-nutrition and chrono-cosmetics dictates. It is indeed recommended to intervene in the right time slots with the most suitable cosmetic textures and active principles for the skin and the most suitable food supplements to support each specific body need.

We have designed a four steps in&out routine dedicated to each part of the day, as our body undergoes a biological cycle of 24 hours.

Discover more about the reason why and concept formulas here!

Gaming Collection – GAME. FOCUS. WIN.

Gaming is literally the activity of playing games on computers and other electronic devices. The concept of gaming has evolved a lot in recent years, thanks also to the huge variety of platforms on which it is possible to enjoy videogames easily and directly. We have therefore moved from PC and gaming consoles to a wider choice, within everyone’s reach, mobile and portable gaming.

The growth of infrastructures, the improvement of fast internet connections, especially in developing countries, and the growth of streaming services, have led to an exponential growth of users in a few years.
Portability is another key factor that has made it possible to access anywhere with an internet connection to content that until a few years ago would have been just science fiction. Another factor that has allowed an exponential growth in the gaming world, especially in mobile one, is the possibility of enjoying free content, the so-called Free-to-play. This approach certainly allows everyone to enjoy free content, but at the same time leaves the possibility to the individual player to decide himself how much time he would like to spend within the game. The last, but not the least, is the birth and exponential growth of E-Sports.

We have designed two different routines dedicated to Pro and Casual gamers.

Discover more about the reason why and concept formulas here!

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