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Ener-GY Plus is the brand new Roelmi HPC innovative active ingredient, developed by enzymatic technology.

This active supports cell vitality thanks to its efficacy in boosting mitochondrial biochemical pathways, improving in this way the skin ecosystem.

Scientific studies prove how microbiota and mitochondrial activity are influenced by each other. Starting from this concept, it has been demonstrated through efficacy data that Ener-GY plus helps in maintaining the physiological balance in skin microbiota composition.

In vitro tests confirm its energizing activity through the increase of the ATP content in cells with in addition a boost in mitochondrial activation.

In vivo tests show an improvement of skin elasticity and firmness, providing a great moisturizing and radiance effect.

Reason why

ROELMI HPC represents one of the global expert for active and functional ingredients in Health&Personal Care. Its high quality products are developed thanks to an avant-garde research and a scientific approach, choosing to pursue sustainable development.

Ener-GY plus is an upcycled cellular energizer which represents an innovative concept in the field of cosmetic active ingredients, totally in line with the sustainability strand largely promoted by ROELMI HPC.


Cell energy booster

Glyceryl glucoside in an upcycled Mediterranean matrix

Skin microbiota friendly

Skin elasticity, firmness and radiance

Avaible in




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