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EQUIBIOTICS® LRh is Roelmi HPC’s new probiotic-derived active ingredient, obtained by bio-fermentation processes.
The active is able to strengthen the skin barrier by protecting it from environmental stresses.

Thanks to its “prebiotic” effect, EQUIBIOTICS® LRh provides nourishment and support for the growth of the skin’s microbiota, thus preventing colonization by pathogens and promoting the skin natural defenses.

In vitro studies show that EQUIBIOTICS® LRh supports the skin microbiota through the protection of commensal bacteria, thanks also to its biomimetic properties.
Clinical studies show an improvement in the skin barrier function following application of the active ingredient, while long-term treatments show its soothing properties, which can improve not only hydration but also elasticity and the depth of wrinkles.

Reason why

Roelmi HPC is a highly specialised partner in the study of innovative active and functional ingredients obtained through a careful scientific approach.

EQUIBIOTICS® LRh is the result of an in-depth research in the field of probiotics for nutraceutical application. In vitro studies have made it possible to select the best performing Lactobacillus strains for use in personal care, achieving great visible results once applied on the skin.


Fine powder touch

Improves skin natural defences

Obtained by bio-fermentation

Prebiotic effect

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