Make escapism your art of life

When daily routine stucks you and the stress of real life begins to be impossible to stand, the art to escape from reality and daily routine can take you across a new emotional world.

What’s happens?

You start to DESIRE TO TRAVEL physically as well as mentally to overcome your EMOTIONAL STRESS produced by a busy life.

The ESCAPISM can help you to overcome the continuous pressure from society and bringing to NORMALITY.

Our feelings


A trip in the deep forest spirit

A fresh, light sensorial serum able to induce neurogenic response; feelings of joy and calm associated with a well-being sensation and positive mood. With an appealing and evolved texture, a charming oriental scent will stimulates all the senses transporting your emotions to Shinrin-yoku, a Japanese term that means: taking in the forest through our senses. To complete and accompany the escapist experience the serum will nourish the skin providing protection from oxidation, lipid peroxidation with intense anti-age activity.


Be pampered by a warm hug

Rich and voluptuous texture with a cuddly touch and an evolving skin feel. A nourishing blanket to hug the skin, and enhance all the senses. The cream soft, attractive and shiny is able to modulate the skin Radical Status Factor, provides a caring protection from Blue Light, pollution, inflammation and signs of age. The Higgy is completed thanks to a mystical and intimate scent to get transported, for a few, on a cozy couch even during a dynamic day.


Find your peace in a colour explosion

it is an illuminating highlighting stick that adds a pure light to the face for the ultimate glass skin effect. The creamy formula with fine pearls combine to boost skin glow. The illuminating effect creates the look of skin that appears radiant as if lit from within.. Light, fresh, blendable waterfree formula supported by a 100% biologically active waters from circular economy.Incorporated in a high technology ester provides a fresh feeling during the application, highlights the pearly effect increases the sliding capacity, the reflection and the adhesion. During the evaporation it helps to fix the product on the skin.



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