Polysaccharide to boost wellbeing

Medicinal mushrooms have many properties and benefits, in fact they have been traditionally used in oriental medicine.

Mycotherapy is a form of alternative medicine, deriving from traditional Chinese medicine, that targets general well-being of the body and aims to strengthen the immune system. Depending on the species, mushrooms are rich in numerous bioactive substances including beta-glucans, a kind of polysaccharides capable of stimulating the body immune defenses.


Tit. 25% in polysaccharides
This mushroom is a type of adaptogen: it assist the body in fighting against any type of mental or physical difficulty. It also works in order to help regaining the whole body balance.

Tit. 10% in polysaccharides
Shiitake mushrooms have compounds that may help to boost immunity, to support heart health, to help fight inflammation and infections, and even to promote bone health.

Tit. 30% in polysaccharides
The Reishi fungus is considered effective to boost the immune system, to reduce fatigue and depression, and improve general wellbeing of the body. It may also be useful to support heart health and blood sugar control.

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