Your daily wellness syrup

Phytoliquid is plant based collection of FOS Syrup. All products have undergone non-invasive extraction processes and without the use of high temperatures and pressures (gentle extraction).

Phytoliquid line is a sinergical compound based on hydroglycerine extracts and FOS (Fructooligosaccharides).

In particular, FOS are composed by soluble fibers that give to Phytoliquids a natural pleasant flavour without adding any sweeteners. The selected extracts are known in traditional medicine

for their effectiveness and have been used to alleviate small aliments.

Technical Usage

The Phytoliquid line is a ready-to-use formula, suitable for children and adult people and specifically studied for different therapeutic areas. All the formulations can be customized adding vitamins and minerals or changing botanicals.



Phytoliquid EnjoySleep is a FOS syrup with linden, escholzia and lavander hydroglicer extract designed to promote relaxation and normal mood, relieving stress and enhance sleep.

Key ingredient: Linden hydrogliceric extract D/E 1:2; Escholizia hydrogliceric extract D/E 1:2; Lavander hydrogliceric extract D/E 1:2.

Dosage: take one tablespoon (about 15g) per day, before going to bed.

Keep out of the reach of children and keep away from heat sources.