The full effective spectrum of 2.0 generation Sodium Hyaluronate

PrincipHYAL® Cube3 is a specific biotechnological spectrum of hyaluronan obtained by bio-fermentation. This active ingredient can be defined as a 2.0 generation of sodium hyaluronate with skin lifting properties and a percutaneous absorption improvement, thus resulting in a short-term moisturization.

PrincipHYAL® Cube3 is targeting anti-aging with a notable increase of skin elasticity and activity against wrinkles. Studies on permeation demonstrate that the epidermis penetration is quick but persists in time (24h) and show also an enhancement of the penetration of hydrosoluble and liposoluble active ingredient . In vivo studies show that PrincipHYAL® Cube3 at 0.5% significantly improves elasticity and smoothness, decreasing wrinkles number and volume giving a better skin appearance.

This active ingredient is suitable for different types of cosmetic formulations as emulsions, face creams, gels, eye contour products and liquid foundations.

Reason why

ROELMI HPC is a company present on the cosmetic market since 2001, representing one of the global expert for active and functional ingredients in Health&Personal care.

Its high quality products are developed thanks to an avant-garde research and a scientific approach, choosing to pursue sustainable development following the NIP (No Impact In Progress) program which focuses on quality, people safety and environment preservation. ROELMI’s aim is both to keep high quality standards and efficacies on its products.


Skin lifting, moisturization and actives enhancement

Penetration enhancement of liposoluble & hydrosoluble actives

Improvement of percutaneous absorption

Short-term lifting effect

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