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Raspberry NECTA® is an oily active nectar made from raspberry and produced according to the highest standards of the circular economy. It is a nourishing, hydrating, skin-smoothing active oil, naturally loaded with antioxidants and essential fatty acids for protection against free radical damage. Red raspberry seeds are shown to contain high levels of essential fatty acids (EFAs), particularly omega-3 (a-linolenic) and omega-6 (linoleic) which are crucial to skin function and appearance. Red raspberry seeds also provide a natural source of vitamin E, which helps to prevent damage induced by free radicals and reactive oxygen species. Boasting higher levels of tocopherols than many known seed oils, Raspberry NECTA® is an ideal choice for antioxidant-rich formulations that fight free radicals.

No new material created. No existing resources wasted.

The circular economy continues its path generating a second new line of raw materials, the Raspberry CRUSH™. A full range of delicate exfoliants, scrubbing particles and active powders for Hair Care, Skin Care and Make-Up. The perfect circle of sustainable beauty is a concrete and accessible reality! From 100,000 raspberries, otherwise destined for disposal and thanks to careful redevelopment, we are able to obtain over 1 kg of Raspberry NECTA® and 5 kg of Raspberry Crush™.

Raspberry NECTA®

Raspberry CRUSH™

Raspberry NECTA® & CRUSH™ upcycling process

Reason why

Full Circle is an English manufacturer that develops highly sustainable and high performance cosmetic ingredients of vegetable origin, obtained from production processes of primary supply chains. The portfolio offers a unique opportunity to create innovative formulations using the precious resources that surround us, without compromising their quality or effectiveness. The Upcycle philosophy is aimed at reducing the environmental impact, re-allocating resources to new life, offering a highly innovative scenario for cosmetic industries and providing formulators with a wide range of completely sustainable and captivating options.


Raspberry NECTA®

A free radical scavenger & antioxidant
Fully traceable and sustainable supply chain

Raspberry CRUSH™

Gentle and natural exfoliator
Different particle sizes for each type of application

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