Fasten your seatbelts and free your imagination

Amitahc embraced the Space Economy concept and made it its own, designing a hybrid approach able to include both the Cosmetic and the Nutraceutical worlds.

Two are the pillars of such an approach. On the one side, perceiving the world as a finite space in which resources are limited and need to be optimized. In parallel, Space Economy gives us the lively opportunity to imagine easy and practical ways to carry out our beauty routine and intake our food supplements, just like an astronaut would do.

Cosmetics are part of our life, our routine and our well-being. In order to expand the emotional satisfaction of our sensory experiences, we have learned to make choices driven by ethics and
respect for the environment.
amitahc proposes a collection of allegorically provocative formulation concepts, dedicated to the Space Economy. A playful idea to emphasize, with inspirations and practical solutions, the need to formulate excellent cosmetics while respecting the environment.
Reducing formula components to the essentials. Choosing raw materials from circular economy.
Recovering by-products from other industries, to rearrange them and make beauty. These are our coordinates.
Our journey begins with 4 futuristic formulations, inspired by space but dedicated to the well-being of Planet Earth and its people.

Shape-Shifter Body Balm
An anhydrous formula, consisting of sensory esters and refined consistency factors, entirely derived from by-products. It is functionalized by precious active oils, particularly rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9, obtained through a scrupulous ethical protocol of respect for natural resources. The formula changes its shape with the heat of the skin, the balm is pleasantly transformed into an oil with a very high moisturizing power, a comfortable, rich and soft touch with just the right playtime for a pleasant and relaxing massage. The effect on the skin is soothing, nourishing and protective. Ideal for counteracting the signs of aging thanks to an intense anti-radical and anti-oxidant action. A delicate and intriguing natural scent completes its pleasantness of use.

New Horizon Lip & Cheeck
With its soft and pleasant texture, this waterless formula with a wide application versatility can be used as a blush, in lipsticks or as a very delicate and blendable eyeshadow.
It begins with a creamy, smooth and responsive pick-up, that gives you just the right amount.
The sensoriality changes throughout the application, going from a sensation of freshness to a sophisticated powder for a lifting and smoothing result on the complexion, thanks to a sodium hyaluronate with molecular spectrum technology.
This is a shape-changing formula: soft and spongy in the kick-off, it evolves, through a pleasant sensory journey, into a thin, easy-to-apply powder with a uniform and harmonious coverage.
Definitely a complete experience capable of delivering different sensations from start to finish.

Stardust Body Cleanser
Inspired by a celestial vault embellished with stars, this is a solid formula, practical and easy to use. When spread on dry skin, it delivers a feeling of deep hydration and protection to the skin
Upon contact with water, it produces a pleasant, light and scented foam, offering a gentle and effective cleansing.
Anhydrous formula, mainly comprising an exclusive consistency factor and sensory esters entirely obtained from by-products economy, enriched with a precious active in oil obtained with a
scrupulous ethical protocol of respect for the sources.

No Gravity Wash&Scrub
Waterless formula consisting of 2 elements, solid the first and liquid the second, which coexist in perfect symbiosis, supporting each other as if gravity wasn’t even there. The solid part,
glides and floats like a UFO suspended in a Martian sunset-coloured liquid. The chromatic tone choice is in fact inspired by natural elements to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.
A single-dose pack, specially designed for the application, allows you to collect the entirety of the formula.
On the face it is able to provide a delicate and effective cleansing effect, complemented by a gentle physical exfoliating activity. The ultra-delicate surfactant preserves the integrity of the
skin barrier during rinsing, ensuring residual hydration with high added value. The skin will be smooth, luminous, perfumed and deeply hydrated.