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Sugicare is a brand new active ingredient by Cobiosa, extracted from Cryptomeria japonica, known as Sugi, a native tree from Japan. Thanks to its high content of phytochemicals, Sugicare is able to induce neurogenic responses associated with a feeling of well-being and positive feelings resulting from neurocosmetic activity.

Sugicare can be defined as a Shinrin-Yoku for the skin, a term that in Japanese culture means ‘experiencing the forest through our senses’, thus enhancing the Japaneses deep respect for nature. In vitro tests show its antioxidant and anti-lipoperoxidase activity while in vivo  studies highlight anti-aging properties through a significant decrease of the number of wrinkles on volunteers as well as a feeling of well-being following its application.

Cryptomeria japonica

Reason why

Cobiosa is a Spanish company specialized in the production of botanical extracts and natural active ingredients.

The company operates on the territory in an ethical way, supporting the sustainability of the biodiversity of the native places so as to respect the tradition, thus contributing to the development of the local economy. Cobiosa supports the principles of Bio-Trade: a movement that protects the collection, production, transformation and marketing of goods and services derived from indigenous biodiversity according to criteria of environmental, social and economic sustainability. In full support of local industries, the company does not buy just seeds of raw materials but semi-finished products allowing to maintain a concrete added value to the country of origin.


Antioxidant properties

Decreases number of wrinkles

Anti-aging properties

Neurocosmetic activity

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