Today we present four products of the SynBalance® line

SynBalance® Metsyn, family ingredient that won first prize in the Ingredient of the Year category for weight control in the seventh edition of the Nutringredients Awards Europe, SynBalance® KeepCalm, SynBalance® Wellderly and the new product of the line, SynBalance® CholDown.

SynBalance® line includes a wide selection of proprietary strains mainly belonging to Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. ROELMI HPC is the ideal partner for innovative products, supporting customers with a wide variety of ingredients tested to meet every need. The probiotic strains of the SynBalance® line have been tested both in vitro and clinically in various fields of application, with the aim of satisfying any consumer need.

SynBalance® MetSyn

SynBalance® MetSyn is a probiotic complex designed primarily for weight control and the prevention of cardiovascular risk that acts on the modulation of the intestinal microbiota. Three strains of Lactobacilli (L. plantarum PBS067, L. acidophilus PBS066 and L. reuteri PBS072), carefully selected through extensive in-vitro and clinical tests, have in fact shown excellent results in improving the lipid and glucose profile in blood (with lowering levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides), in the decrease in waist circumference also connected to a reduction in abdominal fat and blood pressure, with a beneficial effect on the quality of life.

SynBalance® KeepCalm

SynBalance® KeepCalm has been shown to significantly improve cognitive performance in students and resilience to stress in workers. Its effects are currently being tested on symptoms associated with postpartum in new mothers, the incidence of mastitis and the reduction of crying due to colic in newborns.
L. reuteri PBS072
B. short BB077

SynBalance® Wellderly

SynBalance® Wellderly probiotic enriched in Bifidobacteria, has been clinically tested showing in elderly subjects to support the immune and gastrointestinal systems. Its intake has proven benefits on the intestinal microbial ecosystem, promoting its balance.
L. plantarum PBS067
B. lactis BL050
B. infantis BI221
B. longum BLG240

SynBalance® CholDown

SynBalance® CholDown after only one month of administration has been shown to modulate cholesterol levels, significantly reducing total levels and LDL. A reduction in systemic inflammation was also observed through the modulation of C reactive protein.
B. lactis BL050
L. gasseri LG050

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