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amita health care is an international group specialized in health care with a twenty-years’ experience in the markets of Personal Care, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical. Distributor of a selected range of effective ingredients, in partnership with top quality worldwide producers offering to clients innovative concepts and full technical support in developing finished products.


Partner & Ingredients

Through offices in Italy, Poland, Spain and UK, we are always beside our clients ensuring full support and high added value specialties, thanks to the established win-win partnerships with top quality worldwide producers that enable us to keep a wide open eye on the future.
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Space econonomy

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Space Economy

amitahc embraced the Space Economy concept and made it its own, designing a hybrid approach able to include both the Cosmetic and the Nutraceutical worlds. Two are the pillars of such an approach. On the one side, perceiving the world as a finite space in which resources are limited and need to be optimized. In parallel, Space Economy gives us the lively opportunity to imagine easy and practical ways to carry out our beauty routine and intake our food supplements, just like an astronaut would do.


Gaming Collection


The Gaming market is constantly growing. For this reason we have developed specific supplements according to the type of user and the type of integration the gamer needs at any specific time, pre-during-post activity.


Circadian Rhythm Collection

Circadian rhythm it’s related to all the functions of our body, it’s the base of circadian biology. Chronobiology, circadian cycles, alternation of sleep and wakefulness, it’s an innovative scientific approach for many, but not for our body and skin. Respecting the vital phases and the biological rhythm, we can slow down time or at least make sure that a hectic lifestyle does not affect our well-being too negatively.

We have designed a four steps in&out routine dedicated to each part of the day, as our body undergoes a biological cycle of 24 hours. Discover them all!


Global expert in innovative and sustainable functional ingredients for health and personal care market

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PhytoZero is the new generation range of dry extracts created to reduce residual solvents to zero. Thanks to an innovative water extraction process no organic solvents are used, in order to meet high quality standards and strict regulatory requirements.



The PhytoDry range, with more than 100 selected dry extracts produced exclusively for amitahc, derives from our twenty-years experience in the world of botanicals, to meet the requirements of a nutraceutical market looking for ingredients with higher and higher quality standards.



Phytoliquid is plant based collection of FOS Syrup. All products have undergone non-invasive extraction processes and without the use of high temperatures and pressures (gentle extraction).



The NutriEnzyme range offers various types of enzymes, with digestive and anti-inflammatory as well as draining and immunostimulant properties, that can be formulated both in food supplements and in functional foods.



The amitahc range of vegetable proteins is designed to meet all the formulative needs for food and nutraceuticals.



amitaFiber is the range dedicated to soluble and insoluble fibers, suitable for formulations in food supplements, functional foods and meal replacements, with the aim of bringing benefits both to gut and metabolic regulation.


We are an innovative “bio-based circular economy SME – nutured by nature” which objective is to develop funtional ingredients and solutions to support daily life well being.

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