Discovered in 1875 and extracted from the pineapple stem, the term “bromelain” identifies a group of digestive enzymes with a distinctive proteolytic activity. Bromelain facilitates digestive functions and acts as an anti-inflammatory, it’s powerful and safe even at high daily dosages.

Bromelami Retard® is based on a patented encapsulation technology* which allows bromelain to reach the intestine trait intact and only gradually break down over time, maximizing its absorption.
The microcapsule is composed of sucrose, corn starch, talc, shellac, hydroxypropylcellulose, and ethyl alcohol.
Such coating technique grants bromelain acid-resistance properties in the gastric environment, thus increasing the proteolytic activity bromelain performs in our body (measured in GDU/g).

* MINIACTIVES® Technology, patented by IPS Srl

There is a greater and prolonged release of bromelain into the intestinal fluid over time (up to 48 hours), with slow kinetics compatible with intestinal transit times compared to gastric ones. Photomicrographic observations show an unchanged state of its structure when in contact with gastric fluid.

Main therapeutic areas:

  • Cardiovascular system: prevention of thrombosis, embolism and cholesterol plaques, control of diabetes and hypertension symptoms, cardioprotective activity
  • Joints: alternative to anti-inflammatory treatments thanks to its analgesic properties
  • Immune system: treatment of chronic inflammations, autoimmune diseases, modulation of T lymphocytes and macrophages
  • Gastrointestinal system: antiadherent effect of pathogenic bacteria on the intestinal mucosa