Don’t be afraid to smile with your eyes.

Wearing a safety mask is important and, as it covers the most of your face, it leaves the central role for expression to the eyes, making them the necessary focus of attention.

Our partners offer cosmetic ingredients that are ideal for taking care of the periocular area, keeping this delicate part hydrated and looking at its best.

We suggest three powerful ingredients to help your eyes shine with youth, all with tested efficacy:


From Alban Muller

100% COSMOS certified complex of three plant extracts in organic glycerin, titrated in active molecules: Ginkgo Leaf, Organic Horse Chestnut Seed, and Organic Red Vine Leaf. This synergistic blend dedicated to eye contour care help reducingdark circles and puffiness while leaving a relaxing and plumping effect.


From Cobiosa

Extract form the seeds of Quinoa, trendy superfood, this ingredient is a 100% natural sugar tensor with immediate lifting and anti-wrinkle effect. Its filmogenic and tightening effect help to preserve hydration and to give the skin a firmer and radiant appearance.

Repulpami ER organic

From Alban Muller

100% organic high-tech active COSMOS certified, a natural blend of white hibiscus calyx and baobab fruit organic extracts, in organic glycerine. This ingredient performs a global well-aging activity leaving anti-wrinkle, plumping, and firming effects, for a botox-like action on the skin.

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