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Face masks are a daily necessity for our health and their continuous usage could bring some contraindications for our skin. Wearing a safety mask all day long could increase the chance of acneic manifestations, which are in fact one of the most diffused issue of the skin in this period.

HINOLINE® is a synergistic combination of plant-derived, high-purity Hinokitol and Levulinic Acid. Broad-spectrum anti-microbial properties with no negative impact on human microbiota. A natural preservation booster, in-vivo trials have also proven HINOLINE to possess anti-acne properties, to reduce the signs of photo-ageing, as well as to boost Collagen III and endogenous hyaluronic acid level.


Natural Hinokitiol is extracted from sawdust of Aomori Hiba, an ornamental tree from Japan also known as «The tree of life» for its incredible lifespan and resilience against environmental aggression. It is grown for its valuable wood, which is durable and scented.
Natural Levulinic acid is obtained from biofermentation of sugar cane.

Reason why

Global demand for greener cosmetic products has been steadily increasing for nearly two decades, prompting formulators to be on a constant quest for natural and effective ingredients. In recent years, the use of natural and sustainable materials has been evolving and more complex trends have emerged, such as the use of substances that deliver multiple benefits as well as the use of waste materials and by-products of various industries as a source of ingredients for cosmetic applications.

Green Chemistry, applied on waste materials and by-products of various industries, is the key to producing cosmetic ingredients with a more favourable environmental footprint. HINOLINE, a combination of Hinokitol and Levulinic Acid patented by GreenPharma and exclusively distributed in the UK by AMITA UK, meets all these requirements whilst being an effective and easy-to-use antimicrobial.


Anti-ageing properties
Hinokitiol acts as a chelators of ions. It has anti-aging properties at three levels:
reduce matrix metalloproteinase expression
be a promising and potent agent to inhibit UVB-induced MMP-1 and MMP-3
inhibit UVB-induced apoptosis in keratinocytes

Topical application of HINOLINE® 0.1 % protects cells against UVB

Levulinic Acid, a well-known and widely used anti-microbial substance, displays proven skin-penetration-enhancing properties which can boost the efficacy of Hinokitiol as well as of other active ingredients.

Antimicrobial properties
HINOLINE® has shown broad spectrum anti-microbial activity when used alone (approx. 1 – 2%) or combined with other multi-functional substances (e.g. Pentylene Glycol).
Various challenge tests performed have met criteria A of the ISO11930 Standards.

Anti-acne properties
HINOLINE® has a strong inhibitory property on P. acnes with a MIC = 0,001 %.
Anti-acne properties of HINOLINE used at 2% in a topical cream have been proven in a 30-day questionnaire-based user trial involving 22 volunteers aged 18-40.

Booster of preservative properties
HINOLINE® is able to protect formulas in a natural way.

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