Our partner Cobiosa designed three natural ingredients for hair care formulas fully dedicated to strengthen hair and support regrowth.

The climatic conditions connected with spring and summer have an intense beneficial effect on hair complexion because sunlight triggers hair growth hormones. On the other hand, in autumn is normal to experience a hair loss more intense than usual because shorter days and lower temperatures stimulate hair shedding.

Bio-Capigen Veg2

A botanical origin synergic complex designed to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth. It is a botanical alternative to animal keratin that reinforces capillary structure, boosts microcirculation and improves the esthetic and the health of the hair. Tested in Vivo for hair loss reduction and hair growth stimulation.

Glycoenergizer Hair

Highly purified glycogen from marine origin with tested epigenetic activity. Its homology with the epidermal and hair cells glycogen assures the availability of an intense energy support during the Anagen phase of the hair follicles to deeply stimulates hair growth, thickness and vitality for a full hair anti-aging activity.


Hair growth booster made from Maca Root Extract, with tested activity. It is an anti-hair loss and hair growth active ingredient extremely rich in nutritious substances. It increases hair thickness and improves devitalized hairs by promoting fibroblast proliferation and protecting the hair bulb. After 8 weeks the capillary density of the volunteers increases by 38.7% and in 90% of the volunteers the thickness of the hair increased by 19.5%.

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