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Pharmaceutical division


Pharmaceutical division

amitahc, health care specialist, through its Pharmaceutical division offers high tech ingredients and dedicated services for the pharmaceutical market.

Thanks to a Life Science “state of mind” and with more than 20 years’ experience in hyaluronan and fermentation technologies, in the field of plant extracts and in R&D services of organic synthesis and analytical chemistry, we are able to offer ingredients dedicated to: Biotech, Ingredients & Intermediates and Natural Botanicals.



Chimete has been providing outsourcing services dedicated to Research & Development in the field of organic synthesis and analytical research since 1997. The team that forms the company has been working in synergy for years as a relay team that
always brings home the result: quick and efficient management of the client’s projects.


Kikkoman biochemifa company

Japanese company specialized in the business of biochemicals, particularly in the ingredient for pharmaceutical sector with specific sodium hyaluronate pharmaceutical grade.



Customized and selected ingredients such synthesis of impurities and metabolites, deuterated compounds and standards of active pharmaceutical ingredients.


Natural botanics

Over 2000 highly purified ingredients produced by plants through primary or secondary metabolism called phytochemicals. NATURAL BOTANICS are bioactive chemicals that play a role in plant growth or defense against competitors, pathogens, or predators, and have beneficial effects on health of human beings. Phytochemicals have the potential to prevent diseases and act as anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-cancerous and immunity-potentiating agent.



Ectoine is a powerful molecule, an osmolyte able to rebalance the microenvironment, maintaining the ideal conditions for the cells to survive. It represents a natural protective molecule against diverse harmful environmental influences such as heat, UV light, high osmolarity and dryness.ÆCTive® MD by ROELMI HPC is obtained from a patented fermentation process,from a selected specific strain by a cutting-edge biofermentation process.



Atophylline® is the new GreenPharma active ingredient, designed for the treatment of mild atopic dermatitis. The active works like a chemical neutraligand that counteracts CCL17, a cell communicate signal implicated in the inflammatory process behind this skin issue. In vitro tests show how Atophylline® can stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid at dermal level. Clinical trials results demonstrate how this active ingredient can improve atopic dermatitis through a reduction of skin itch and a consequent improvement of skin barrier function and hydration.


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