The power plants have for improving our lives is deep-rooted in ancient alchemy. amitahc, in over twenty-five years of experience in the world of nutraceutical botanicals, has summoned such know-hows and shaped the fine but extensive selection of plant and herbal extracts of our PhytoDry range. Our botanicals derive from plants harvested in different parts of the world and internationally well renowned for the Health & Wellness properties of the active phytochemical ingredients they contain.

Mr Gian Marco Pizzi

Product Specialist – Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical Divisions

Our values


The close synergic cooperation with our manufacturing partners allows us to always meet the requirements of the market, whether it’s achieving the highest quality standards, racing with the latest trends or providing the most competitive and effective solutions. Our selected partners produce as per our specifications and each step of the process is designed preserve the original active principles of the plant. Extractions are carried out with gentle solvents to make sure Phytodry are always pure, effective and with a restrained impact on our Planet.


Through an amazing team of specialists and by cooperating with top-quality producers, amitahc not only is able to deliver scientific excellence, but complete safety as well. Our internal regulatory department guarantees a scrupulous quality control on all our ingredients, assures complete traceability of each single batch and maintains amitahc and all its partners in constant update with the latest UE legistlations. Our overall solid safety is certified by HACCP procedures and our scheduled control plan carried out through a selected pool of accredited laboratories


amitahc cares to produce a sustainable impact on all its stakeholders. We always choose cultivated species over wild ones when possible, carefully selecting our raw material suppliers among producers who adopted eco-friendly practices. Our plants are cultivated and processed under the strict control of agronomists and botanists, with limited use of pesticides and gentle solvents, carefully handled across the entire supply chain. We privilege renewable plant resources, acting to preserve biodiversity and avoid the extinction of endangered or endemic species.

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