amitahc has developed a microencapsulated gastro-resistant bromelain manufactured via patented technology.

«Bromelain» refers to a group of digestive enzymes that act as proteases: Endopeptidases, Phosphatases, Glycosidases, Peroxidases, Cellulases. Bromelain undergoes degradation in the stomach in case of oral administration and only 40% of the intake reaches the gut.

Bromelami Retard® is able to target the gut and release bromelain gradually promoting its absorption.
The inert core of Bromelami Retard® is first coated with layers of bromelain and finally with acid-resistant polymers. Microencapsulation makes the product resistant to the acidic pH of the stomach.

The gastro-resistance of Bromelami Retard® has been proven by an in vitro study testing buffer solution at different pH values: has been put in an alkaline solution miming the gut environment for 5 hours. An increase of the proteolytic activity has been recorded because of the release of active bromelain. Ex vivo studies are going on to evaluate bioavailability and intestinal absorption. The test concludes that the microcapsules are actually more resistant to the gastric environment than the intestinal one and that this can allow most of them to reach the intestine unaltered, where they can release the content of Bromelain.

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