amitahc is committed to the “green values” and to SEE the future, always pursuing Safety, Ethics and Eco-sustainability.

We are glad to introduce our newest partner, Full Circle, manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients that shares the same commitment, making sustainability and upcycle the base for all their offer.

Full Circle


Full Circle develops natural, sustainable, high-performance ingredients that are entirely sourced from nutrient-rich plant-based waste. Their portfolio offers a unique opportunity to create innovative formulations that make excellent use of the precious resources around us, without compromising on quality or efficacy.

Full Circle gains access to the by-products and waste from the food industry – such as rice that is the ‘wrong size,’ or raspberry pulp left over from fruit juice production – enabling them to upcycle the waste into sustainable and innovative cosmetic ingredients. That means no new resources are created, it’s simply reused and enhanced what’s already there.

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