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360° experience in health and personal care

amita health care is an international group completely dedicated to life-science and specialized in innovative and sustainable ingredients for the markets of Personal Care, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical. We strongly believe in the value of people: our dynamic, ever-growing and passionate team is one of our greatest treasures.

More than 25 years of experience in the health & personal care market gave us the necessary knowledge and know-hows to offer our clients full formulatory and regulatory support when developing their final products.

Long-term, established partnerships with top quality producers from all over the world allow us to always keep our eyes wide open on present and future trends and innovations. At the same time, our offices in Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK enable us to stand side by side with our customers, ensuring a local commercial and logistical presence, full regulatory and technical support and carefully selected, high-value-added specialties.

& vision

we make people living healthier, happier and longer

We commit to improve people’s wellbeing through innovative ingredients, services and concepts.
With the ambition of being global in the markets and global in the activity, amitahc delivers high-performing and successful solutions to make people living healthier, happier and longer.

Science, progress and wellness have always had a primary role in our daily life, giving shape to our core values since day one. Through an amazing team of specialists and by cooperating with top-quality producers we aim at scientific excellence and complete safety. Our long-term synergic relatioships are based on Integrity, Transparency and Trust, on respecting the environment and the individual.

Our company motto, SEE the future. Safety, Ethics and Eco-Sustainability, is our guiding light and our daily benchmark in everything we do.

United for a common goal: to develop ideas and performing ingredients able to guarantee a higher quality of life respecting the environment and the individual. This translates into a constant search for new partners able to embrace our values, in the complete and real-time assistance of our customers to meet the needs of attentive consumers, in the search for new trends, in attention to new regulations, in acceptance of new and important challenges. In short, a look to the future. All together in this challenge, because a drop grazes, but a waterfall amazes.


an asset that makes us stand out

The idea of sustainability was born around the mid-1700s as a niche concept prerogative of a few thinkers, mainly economists and philosophers. Over the centuries, its importance has been growing exponentially.

Today, for us, sustainability not just is a value or a responsibility.
At amitahc sustainability is an asset that makes us stand out.

Throught the unceasing support of its selected partners, amitahc has long been promoting the importance of choosing eco-friendly ingredients, in order to ensure less energy dependence and a reduced impact throughout the whole product lifecycle. Furthermore, we committed to the development of several projects in line with the sustainability needs required by the market.

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