ABWAX® MIMIC WAXES are produced with the aim of creating ethical choices for sustainable formulas, where the richness of nature is preserved to protect the nobility.

The line is developed through the synergy of renewable and sustainable raw materials, capable of achieving high excellence in performances, presenting thickening, texturizing and film-forming properties and guaranteeing a better absorption rate in stick formulations.

ABWAX® Mimic Beeswax

It’s a vegetable wax designed to be an alternative to beeswax, specifically formulated to provide an outstanding performance in a wide variety of cosmetic personal care products. It has been tested in several formulas including lip balms, creams and butters, showing comporable performances to classic beeswax.

ABWAX® Mimic Beeswax MK

It’s an evolution of ABWAX® Mimic Beeswax, exploiting the same mimic technology to offer sustainable solution specifically designed for Make Up applications. ABWAX® Mimic Beeswax MK shows excellent performances  thanks to its highly-structuring and film-forming properties, making this product the ideal solution for the formulation of lipsticks characterized by textures of different viscosities.

ABWAX® Mimic Candelilla

Employing a cutting-edge technology, ABWAX® Mimic Candelilla is formulated in safe and ethical way for people and enviroment. It is able to duplicate the properties of standard Candelilla in order to reproduce its behavior in personal care formulations, improving oils absorption, fostering formula cohesion, emolliency and film forming, giving a remarkable brilliance and gloss to the product, as well as hardness and solidity. ABWAX® Mimic Candelilla is available in two different versions:

  • ABWAX® Candelilla LP:  a natural-like candelilla wax composed of at least 70% of vegetable matrix wax, highly recommended for colored lipstick. It’s a vegan and vegetarian formula
  • ABWAX® Candelilla SC: a natural-like candelilla wax composed of at least 60% of vegetable matrix wax, highly recommended for skin care formulas and suitable for other cosmetics applications (mascara). It’s a vegan and vegetarian formula

ABWAX® Mimic Carnauba

It is a sustainable and environmentally-frindly product able to replicate the benefits and results of a know technology, while improving its performances thanks to resistance to high temperatures and excellent structuring properties with different oils. It is a high melting and strutcturing wax that allows to reduce syneresis in finished products. This product increases the play time in skin care and makes an emulsion full-bodied.