Waterless Collection

Look to the future reducing waste of precious resources


In accordance with our principles, we focused on the emerging trend of a waterless cosmetic, to reduce waste of precious resources.

Embracing the Waterless philosophy means paying attention to ethics and sustainability, looking to the future of the cosmetic world and making a concrete contribution to preserving our environment. By adopting this point of view, amitahc and its Partners support the Waterless philosophy and commit themselves to the development of eco-sustainable formulas.

The amitahc Waterless Collection moves in this direction, with five product concepts designed without adding water in formulation.

Reason why

Across the world, about 1 billion people do not have access to drinking water and about 2,5 billions do not have enough water for common practices.

In the past 100 years, consumption has increased by six times and rises by 1% every year and in 2030, 47% of the world’s population will live with water scarcity problems.

Talking on average, in modern life cosmetic routine each person uses 8 products per day and generally speaking 70% of each product is water.
Waterless is a further step towards sustainability in an ethical sense, it could in fact be the future of sustainable beauty driven by an increasingly attentive market toward safeguarding and wasting. Discover them all!

Our concept formulas


Waterless concentrated serum, for the prevention of microbiota dysbiosis. Booster of microcirculation with purifying and stimulating action to rebalance the scalp. It revitalizes the hair bulb offering greater thickness and strength. It helps to reinforce the anchorage of the root and to stimulate dormant follicles providing nutrients for repairing weakened and brittle hair.

Purifying daily cleanser

Ultra mild waterless cleanser for all skin types. It removes gently all traces of make up without over drying skin’s natural balance. Foamy and delicate on skin with antimicrobial properties, it leaves a fresh and smooth skin feel.

Luminous Light Gel

Waterless gel with super light skin feel and quick absorption. It Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it improves the look of skin’s radiance, and it is suitable for every age and every skin type. Gives uniformity, transparency and brightness for a delicately smoothed and clarified skin.

Anti-stress Day Cream

It soothes, nourishes and protects the skin from external influences that can cause stress and dehydration. Soft texture, easy absorbable with silky touch. A waterless restoring barrier to improve dermal structure all over the day. Skin appears refreshed and smoothed, with long-lasting hydration and a more luminous skin tone.

Booster HA Night Cream

A rich, waterless, nourishing night cream with a smooth and enveloping texture to moisture and boost the skin night recovery. It increases the Hyaluronic Acid synthesis and enhances the Collagen and Elastin skin content for a deep overnight full hydration.

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